Glass Series

      • Cat5603

        Dimensions Linen

        Linen is a beautiful and exciting way to add interest to any tile installation. This sophisticated glass tile offers a tremendously versatile neutral color palette, enhanced by subtle veining resembling that of a rich pinstripe fabric. Stylish and modern, Linen sends a subtle message that distinguishes the user as a person of discretion and taste.

      • Cat2247


        Create the illusion of depth with the Dimensions Glass Tile Series. Bright radiant color lies beneath the surface of crystal clear glass tiles. Dimensions glass tiles never fade, their color withstands cold, heat and is impervious to dirt. This 8mm-thick translucent glass tile is simple to install with standard tools, non-flammable and easy to clean.

      • Cat2250


        Available in 24 colors, these transparent, semi-opaque and opaque glass tiles are rich in color and texture. 3/4 inch x 3/4 inch tiles have smooth fronts and textured backs for better adhesive grip. Miter beveled edges provide perfect angled corners. Mosaic Series tiles are strong, waterproof and easy to apply.

      • Cat2249


        Transparent and semi-transparent mosaic glass tiles distinguishable by its special light reflective surface. Create dramatic effects with these tiles ever changing surface effects.

      • Cat3833


        Some tiles just beg to be seen! And so it is with Vista from Diamond Tech Tiles. Vista magically combines a rich rippling surface, organic color and a kiss of iridescence for one dynamic glass tile.Vista is simple to install with standard tools, non-flammable and easy to clean.

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