Q & A Glass Tile

technical : glass

1. How can these tiles be used?

Glass tiles work as a clever accent in a multitude of areas such as halls, bathrooms, kitchens, pools or large areas in hotels, banks and shopping centers in wall applications.

2. Can glass tiles be used as an alternative to ceramic tiles?

Yes, Diamond Tech Glass Tiles are sized to be compatible with standard ceramic tiles and are similar in installation and maintenance to ceramic products.

3. Will glass tiles break easily?

If dropped they may break. However, once installed Diamond Tech Glass Tiles are very durable and impervious to water, acids and other chemicals.

4. How are the tiles installed?

The Mosaic Series tiles are installed similar to ceramic tiles with a thinset mortar. In addition, the Stained Glass Series tiles can be assembled into panels, which are handled and installed more like a single piece of glass. For cutting the Stained Glass Series use a good quality wet saw with a diamond blade. For more detailed information please refer to our Installation page.

5. What is the cost per square foot?

Diamond Tech Glass Tiles prides itself on providing our customers with the greatest possible value. For pricing call 813-806-2923.

6. Are Diamond Tech Tiles readily available?

Please check our list of Dealers and Distributors. If we do not have a distributor in your area or your are interested in becoming a dealer or distributor, please refer to our Company Information page for assistance.

7. What if someone in my area doesn't carry your tiles?

Ask your favorite local retailer to request our information and start carrying our products or call 813-806-2923 for assistance.