Q & A Metal Tile

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1. Can metal tiles be cut?

Yes, cut tile face up. Minor fraying of metal on underside can be sanded with 180 grit wet/dry sandpaper. When cutting there will be a lot of shavings generated from the cutting process. Locate the cutting area away from living areas, traffic paths and pets. The shavings will have a static charge so they will cling to most surfaces. Wear goggles, gloves, and a dust mask. A jig saw may also be used to make curved cuts using a metal cutting blade. Tape off the finished side of the tile to protect the surface from being scratched.

2. Is there a special float I should be using?

Use a smooth faced professional silicone grout float when grouting. Do not use a textured rubber float. Work in no more than a 10 foot square at a time. This will allow you to properly remove the residue from the surface.

3. When do I remove the vinyl coating?

The vinyl covering is removed just before you are ready to grout.

4. How close can you install tiles to stove tops and fireplace openings?

Maintain a minimum of 4 1/2" from the back splash tile surface to the burner elements. There should be a minimum of 6" from fireplaces on all open sides.

5. Is there a specific pattern for laying out the tile?

Yes, Brushed Stainless Steel tiles have light grain patterns. When installing, peel back a small corner of the protective film to ensure the grain patterns are going in the same direction. Make sure all the tiles are the same batch numbers. Ensure that the fixing surface is clean and even.

6. Do you recommend installing metal tiles on the floor?

Metal tiles are for wall installations only. Floor installations are not recommended. Tiles are durable but will scratch and can be permanently damaged if used on floors.

7. Onto what kind of surface can I install metal tiles?

Install only on a stable, flat and clean substrate. Do not install on particle board, wood of any kind or drywall. If you have these surfaces to work with, attach a cement backer board to the substrate to establish a flat, solid surface.

8 .What if a tile falls off the mesh mounting or plastic facing before I install it?

Individual pieces are easily fit into the grid once the mesh mounted sheet is laid. You can reset the piece with PVA (Polyvinyl acetate) non water soluble glue, such as Weldbond.

9. What should I use to clean the Stainless Steel tiles?

They may be cleaned with warm soap and water or a mild detergent. For a more thorough cleaning diluted vinegar solution or any stainless steel spray cleaner. Wipe with a soft clean cloth. Do Not use abrasive products, brushes or heavy scouring pads.


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